The team of livinground

We combine nature with technology, art with craftsmanship and work with pleasure.

Livinground is based on fruitful collaboration
of artists, architects and craftsmen,
who work as a team to transfer their specific skills
to the unique projects.



The “nabel” of livinground holds the group together gently but firmly, almost in the same way as gravity holds the stones together and ensures a balance in chaos.


In order to activate the bubbling of ideas, he listens, motivates, brings new ideas, drives and supports until everything is in flow and everyone is able to inspire each other.


As a loving father of six children, he breathes life into livinground, a soul, so that the group purposefully set every project in motion.



“In rest lies the strength”, this would be enough as a short description for Milan.


In order not to be mean with words, this should be said: Milan can truly be called a master of his trade. The stonemason from Istria, has 45 years of experience on this field.

Anyway, stone is his métier – when working with stone, he’s the rest in person and he loves to immerse himself in meticulous details.


Furthermore, he speaks fluently Italian, English and Croatian.



For Bernhard, the influence of the environment and the sensible integration of the new into the given are the prerequisites for the entire planning process.


The architect is responsible for the conceptual sketches and optimized work-planning.


Hand sketches, photomontages, 3D visualizations and plan drawings are converted into sculptural form in cooperation with artists and craftsmen.

The stone conqueror


Markus’ way leads him from stone to stone.

As an extreme mountaineer, he has made his task to climb the “big stones” that pose a challenge in his life.

At livinground he works into the stone – as a craftsman he is responsible for montages and stone works.